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Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs are vacuum-molded from sheets of acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass. Because of this, acrylics are less expensive, lightweight, and can be easily repaired or replaced with little or no effort.

Bathroom Design for the Handicapped

Bathroom design for the Handicapped depend on the mobility of the person and their specific physical needs.

Cast Iron Tubs

Cast iron tubs can be the piece de resistance for the work of art that can be a tasteful, timeless addition to any home.

Claw Foot Bathtubs

Claw foot bathtubs graces many-a-bathroom, and many consider having one a sign of good taste and elegance.

Galvanized Steel Tubs

Galvanized steel bathtubs can add flair to any bathroom remodeling project.

Electronics in the Bathroom

Electronics in the bathroom are becoming the new mania and with the right planning you can have the bathroom with all the options.


Saunas can be purchased as a small one piece unit or be assembled or built into your home.

Porcelain Tubs

Porcelain tubs are manufactured with stamped steel shells that have been heat fused with porcelain enamel to cover the steel shells.

Soft bathtubs

Soft bathtubs take the durability and rigidity of commonplace bathtubs, add the streaming jets like that of a whirlpool and add a bit of new technology - the ability to form to the bather's body

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.

Bathroom Countertops

By customizing your bathroom countertop, you will be able to address all of your bathroom needs and add your own personal sense of style.

Custom Showers

Today's showering technology can deliver and distribute enough water for multiple showerheads, hand showers, and body sprays in your custom shower.

Designer Sinks

Designer sinks are made from copper, glass, stone, gemstone, wood, etc. Every designer sink is unique.

Faucet Types

You have a spout with separate hot and cold water handles.

Spa Enclosures

Some spa enclosures can be constructed out of aluminum and glass that would give you a solarium feel to it.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

By using hooks, racks, and towel bars on your bathroom door and walls, you can essentially create more space and store towels, washcloths, and other items much more effectively.

Tile Floors

Ceramic tile is the most durable product on the market; it also looks good and everyone can afford to use it.

Toilet Types and Styles

Gravity flush toilets are the most popular type of toilets because they use the water weight to generate flushing pressure, and thus save electricity.


You will probably want a bathroom vanity that matches your personality or the style and design of the bathroom or the rest of your home.

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