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Brighten Your Day with Bay Replacement Windows

Replacement Bay Windows

Have you ever been sitting in your family room in the middle of the day and you have to turn on a light to read a book? Or have you ever felt that your room is too small and that you wished it could appear larger without the expense of an addition? The problem is that you might not have enough light coming in from your windows. You can fix this problem relatively simply by replacing your windows with bay windows. Just imagine the beautiful warm light coming in from a window that actually extends from your window opening, casting light in different directions. You will never have to turn that light on in the middle of the day due to lack of light. Bay windows make a small room seem much bigger or lighten up a larger room by giving you a larger view of the outside world.

There are two types of replacement bay windows. The first is a box-style window, which is a large three panel window that is flush to the existing wall and extrudes outward, like a box attached to the wall. The window can either be three solid panes of glass or it can have the two panes on the sides that will open and close. The other is the 35 to 45 degree bay window, which has three window panels, with a large fixed window in the middle and two smaller windows on either side that can open and are set at an angle to the main window. The sizes of bay windows can vary, from ones that can fit into any standard-size window opening to full floor-to-ceiling models. These larger bay windows usually stick out away from the existing wall and add about two feet of space. Some people will put a bench seat in the window giving you the feeling of sitting outside. The bay replacement window can be easily installed by a licensed window contractor.

Replacement windows can either be wood windows or vinyl windows, they come in all shapes and sizes.

There are a few steps you need to take into consideration when thinking about replacement windows. First, you need to decide where you are going to place the windows. These windows can go in just about any room; but are especially attractive in a living room, dining room, family room or bedrooms. They are usually placed in the center of a large wall with a good view. Next, decide what style of window you want to install. This decision can be easy if you are replacing your outdated existing windows. All the replacement window manufacturers have different styles and prices so you need to shop around, most manufacturers have on-line websites that can help you shop for your new bay windows.

Finally, find a window contractor that that will work with you to make these decisions while also working within your budget. Bay windows are a great addition to your home they are also an easy way to create more space and bring in more light to a room. These windows will bring in a whole new look to a room and they are a fairly inexpensive remodel or upgrade.

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