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Choosing the Best Replacement Windows is not an Easy Task

Replacement Bay Windows

With so many extensive options, styles, and manufacturers, it's hard to know where to look when deciding to replace your windows. For most people, the best replacement windows will offer a mixture of cost, value and energy savings.

The highest price does not always guarantee the highest quality products. Excellent windows can be purchased and installed at affordable prices, but never the bargain basement prices.

If the window replacement costs you've been quoted sound too good to be true, they probably are. And this is definitely not the way to go when choosing the best replacement windows for your home. Companies that pride themselves in installing the product right the first time and standing behind it is key.

Whether you're shopping for a replacement window in New Jersey or California, features like Low E glass should be a standard in any quality vinyl window you consider, as should argon gas filled in between the glass panes. Foam filled frames are another great system that has came about in recent years, the process involves filling the frames of vinyl replacement windows with a polyurethane foam that greatly reinforces the windows efficiency rating. Triple Pane Windows are another option found among some high end products. Having triple pane units instead of double pane greatly increases the energy efficiency of the windows.

What is the highest savings obtained on energy bills?
When installing replacement windows in an older house, we have seen savings of up to 40% on heating/cooling costs when aluminum single pane windows are removed and the highest quality vinyl replacement windows are installed. The total financial savings varies depending on the house, quality of the windows and the installation job that has been performed. Window ratings depend on the design of the product. Be sure to check with the manufacturer for their replacement window ratings.

So how much should I pay for new windows?
This is a difficult question to answer. Typically, installation prices can range from four hundred a window to as much as twelve hundred dollars a window. It all depends on the size of the opening in which the new window will be installed as well as the quality of the window in question. Check for reviews of each product either through the dealer or directly with the manufacturer.

What colors do windows come in?
Even with the best replacement vinyl window brands, you usually only have a choice between white or a light beige. New technologies in composites and fiberglass allow for frames to come in more colors. There are also windows that come wood clad for the warm look of wood but the longevity and the low maintenance of vinyl.

You can choose wood, wood clad, vinyl, or some of the excellent composite based materials. Find the best product that suits your home's look and of course your price range. Always comparison shop. When choosing a replacement window, review your options carefully.

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