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Patio Doors – Entry to the world

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

patio_doorFeeling the open air though you’re are actually inside the consoles of your place can be an highly restful experience, and you will be able to make this occur by installing sliding patio doors in your home. With vinyl patio doors, the awesome feel of the outside can be satisfying from in your abode.

This is really accommodating for hours when the climate doesn’t enable you to stay outside, or when perhaps you yourself are no longer able.

If you do have a large amount of space in your entry, French doorways are a thoughtful choice as you can actually swing them open as wide as you would like to let more of the outdoors into your home. French doorways can cost rather a lot but they do provide an extraordinarily sophisticated feel to your home. Sliding glass patio doors, on the other hand, don’t cost quite as much. And the energy saving from vinyl patio doors bring extra benefits. Homeowners with extra fresh tastes favor these types of patio doors.

Most sliding glass doorways are not just made from glass, frames tend to made of wood aluminum or vinyl. Whether you select to install French doorways or modern sliding doorways, there are tons of designs of terrace doorways to choose from. More often than not, sliding patio doors are much much easier for installation as they have recently been assembled at the manufacturing plant, and all you should do is get the proper dimensions and place them in the opening where you would like them installed. Once you install your terrace doorways, you may have access to your yard like you never have before.

Organizing For The New Year

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

It’s very important to get organized.  It creates more space in your living area as well as leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment.  The need to get things in their place seems to run wildly around this time of year since a new beginning is just around the corner, being that it will be a new year and all.

The first step to organization is visualizing a space to look the way you want to see it as the end result.  This will help you get started.  Maybe you have a closet with so many clothes in it, you don’t end up wearing anything but the same 5-7 outfits day in and day out because you don’t realize some of the other options you have available.  Perhaps you have a laundry room that has become a collect-all area.  First things first, look at the space the way it is disfunctioning now and envision how you would like it to function in the future.

A good rule of thumb is “if you haven’t used it in the past year, throw it out!”  This may not always be true of everything.   There may be a plumbing snake packed away in your attic that you really needed when the toilet got backed up a couple of years ago.  You may not have used it since but the chances that a drain or two will again get clogged in your lifetime warrant keeping that plumbing snake around.  Plan on storing it in a garage on a top shelf somewhere or in a corner.  Don’t forget where you put it though, otherwise you could find yourself running out to the hardware store unnecessarily someday to purchase another.

So pick a space to tackle be it a garage or a closet or an entire room.  Focus on that one space for now.  A lot of times folks get so into organizing that they try to take on too many projects at a time.  This will undoubtedly leave your home in a state of disarray.  Decide if you will be taking the items that are to be gotten rid of to a local charity or if you will try to resell them.  I generally go for the charity option.  It’s great to see your old junk being put to good use by someone that really needs it.  If you decide to resell I would say try to take the online approach with this.  Use a service such as Craigslist or Ebay.  Have a digital camera on hand so that you can document these items to catalog online later.

Next, enlist help!  Going through old goods is always more fun and much quicker and easier to do with friends or family.  It can really make for a fun event.  Also if this person does not live with you they may find that some of your old belongings could be put to good use in their home.  This will save you time and energy when it comes to getting rid of the items.

Then you will want to get a large box or a few garbage bags ready.  Start going through the items one by one and separating them into groups of things to be kept or given away.  I suggest moving all items out of the space temporarily even if they will be held onto.  This way you will have a completely empty space to return them to when you are finished.  This will enable you to recreate the space and make it “new” compared to the way it may have previously been set up.  You may find that that some of the kept items don’t belong in this space after all and they may be better stored elsewhere.

Finally, recreate the space.  In order to do this you may need to make some changes.  You might see once it is cleared out that you need more cupboards in a kitchen in order to properly and neatly store items, or you may find that a closet, garage or utility room needs more shelving options.  If this is the case rectify this situation by having the items needed installed or purchased.  Bins and tubs make storage easier as well.  You can mark on the outside of them with a Sharpie marker for easier location later.  For example you may have a bin marked “Winter Clothes, Christmas Decorations,” etc.

Now that you have refurbished this space it will become more functional and you can rest assured that you will now be easier able to find those items that had all been lost in the midst before.

A living room that is just as sweet as a dream

Friday, December 26th, 2008

I was sitting here thinking about what types of articles of furniture I would like in my dream living room.  That led me to envision how it would need to be built to suit my tastes. This would be a sitting room really or an entertaining space, not your typical room that the family would gather in to watch some good ole TV.

I would want to have a sunken in living room with at least one step down if not two.  A traditional 4 walled room is not in my taste, I would want either an open wall as the 4th or even a 5th wall to make more of a pentagon shape.  This will not only add square footage but will also add character.

A second floor living room would be my preference. One that over looked a beautiful scenery such as a lake, bay or mountainous horizon.  A window or set of windows that were nearly the entire size of the view facing wall.

A skylight would be nice as well, or possibly a couple of skylights. Rich cherrywood or similar dark wood for the trim and sills of the windows as well as windows on all other exterior walls.

A railing encasing the living room from the side where there is no wall or there is an open entry way to another room, this would be seperated by a rich,  lavish railing, very thick and strong.

The floor covering would be a very lush carpet with a lot of padding underneath, as well as heated floors which can be accomplished by recirculating hot air under the floor boards.

The ceilings would be cathedral in height as I do not like to be limited. If this living room had to be on a first floor then it simply must showcase a spiral staircase descending from the floor above.

Design your dream kitchen

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? You’ll want a functional and attractive kitchen offering room for preparing meals and suitable for entertaining. Your real estate agent will tell you, your budget guideline should be no more than 15 percent of a home’s total value for remodeling a kitchen. You risk losing money at resale, if you spend more than that. Your first step in the process is formulating a plan.

The three basic kitchen functions are storage, preparation and clean-up. You might look at a design incorporating multiple work stations within the kitchen. This allows more cooks in the kitchen, each working efficiently without stumbling over each other.

Design these work centers with a good amount of counter space, each next to the sink or a major appliance. One of these work centers may be an island with a butcher block counter top. Add a second sink to this island and you have kicked your productive work space up a notch.

Basic kitchen cabinet styles are European-style (frameless) and face-framed cabinets. These have a variety of door, wood and finish options.

Kitchen counter top choices will include solid surface, marble and granite tops, or tile and laminate surfaces, among others. Visit a local home center to view the many options.

Kitchen sinks are made of solid surface, cast iron, stainless steel
and plastic materials. These are mounted either top-mount or undermount with a combination of sizes and features: single-bowl, double-bowl, deep or shallow. Various faucets offer different finishes: polished brass or nickel, brushed nickel, chrome, and stainless steel. Options and price ranges include pull-out sprayers, single-levers, double-handled.

To find help with designing your new kitchen, contact a local home design center, or qualified kitchen remodeling contractor.

Stained Glass To Add Color

Friday, December 26th, 2008

If you wish to boost old windows by replacing some of the panes, or you are contemplating changing the glass on some of your new Pella windows you have installed, stained glass can lend a helping hand to increasing the look and value. Treatment depends a great amount on the style and design of windows you have, and what you need to spend to achieve that multi-Colored glow In an older home which has wood framed windows with 6 or 9 panes, it’s feasible to take out the higher row of glass and replace those panes with new ones cut from older
Stained glass that may be salvaged from yard sales, garage sales and or swap meets. New stained glass can be relatively expensive due to the time it takes for design. Price varies on the quality and Whether or not the glass has little cracks or separations within it. A nice design feature in the Kitchen is a semi-circle of stained glass framed and set into the window. The wall over top, will add jewel tones to the when suns shines though. Look at your house and consider whether you’d like to spice up the house with stained glass, or mix it with the current set of windows in your home.