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Proper Material For Creating a Bathroom Oasis

Monday, April 11th, 2011
Beautiful bubble bathtub, small tiles

Beautiful bubble bathtub, small tiles

Just like a long soak in a luxurious whirlpool tub, your bathroom should offer a look that relaxes and renews-whether you’re waking up to start the day or winding down after hours on the run. Surround yourself with colors, textures, materials, and accessories that make you feel comfortable, happy and relaxed. Success comes from making choices that can be enjoyed day in and day out.

To create a mountain fresh bathroom for example, search out textured materials that look as though they have been harvested from the Rockies. If cool and sleek is a more suitable style, choose tile or stone finishes with a smooth, polished look.

Setting sail for your own island oasis can be as easy as opening a can of paint. To create an illusionary island oasis, choose vibrant colors such as those commonly found in Caribbean resorts-warm sunny yellows and soothing sea blues. For added flavor, dot in the vibrant hues from tropical fruit-such as papaya pink and kiwi green.

Trim and other accents in white teamed with generous doses of sunlight are essential ingredients as well. Banks of windows always provide a plus-the more real sunshine the better. Use windows to frame the view to emphasize the connection to the outdoors.

Feel free to creatively mix materials. Exotic getaways frequently blend textures and shapes. Mixing of matte slate floors and glossy Italian ceramic tiles with deep wooden moldings, a tongue-and-groove ceiling, and smooth, shapely pedestal sinks can make a dreamy tropical paradise in your home.

For centuries, blue and white delftware has captured decorators’ fancy and remained a popular vintage collectible and decorating theme even today. If that’s your passion, bring it into the bathroom, surrounding yourself with the things you love.

Create your own special look using today’s enormous range of hand-painted tiles. Or create a one-of-a-kind pattern using varying solid colors and relief tiles from off -the-shelf sources.

Choose cabinetry that plays up the feeling formed by the tile. Elegant designs can be created by cabinetry that has a white washed finish that keeps it from appearing new. Big 12×12-inch floor tiles with repeating tones of the cabinetry that continues to the shower, can provide a subtle stage that allows the delft elements to provide the drama.

In creating a classical setting, choose accessories to enhance the theme for example you might try to color match the delft with blue and white trimmings such as a flower pot, or vase even a tissue holder, all of these items team up with towels and fabrics in the same palette to sprinkle the colors throughout the bathroom.