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Getting the Most Value Out of Your Remodel

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Roofing in need of repair or replacing

Remodeling your home is always an expensive venture. Whether you are hoping to sell your home, or just need an update. A smart first choice is to always get your house appraised to see if the money you are spending on your home, you eventually will get back out of it. It can also sometimes be cheaper just to move to a newer home, instead of making the huge investment of a remodel. Consider all of your options before diving into a big investment!

The outside of your home can get the most wear and tear. You can start by replacing any missing shingles on your roof. Moss, mold, and other organic matter can also collect up there. Gutters also can be filled be debris, and need to be cleaned. Do not just pressure wash your roof and gutters! This can cause even more damage, and is an easy mistake to make.  A professional can do the job effectively and safely. Roofs that were properly installed within the last ten years should just need repairs and not a complete overhaul.

Extra things like pools and extensive outside additions can be great if you are enjoying them, but if you are concentrating on selling it is just not worth the investment.  It can also seem like a big maintenance demand on the new owner. Cleaning and cost of upkeep can seem a little daunting. Often the only outside addition worth the investment is a deck addition to your home.

If you any pets washing your walls and repainting can do wonders for both the look and smell of your home.  Wallpaper can also absorb those musty smells, and if you are selling your home, is very based on personal preferences.  Plain colors that scream unlimited potential are the best choices.

Your floor can often get an easy face-lift. Older homes usually have hardwood floors hidden beneath that shaggy carpet. Once the carpet is removed the floors can just be re-stained to revive their former beauty. Unfortunately if you are not so lucky, it can be one of the biggest expenses you will face.

The most wanted and most expensive room for improvement is the kitchen.  Appliances get outdated and stop working properly, cabinets become broken, and counter tops become overused.  If you buy new appliances you don’t need to spend a fortune on them. As long as they are “good enough” it won’t have a huge effect on the price of your home. Green materials and appliances is a fad that will not go away and stay relevant for years to come.  Cabinets can be re-stained and repaired for minor costs, while keeping the originals. Counter tops can also be laminated again. Bathrooms are definitely worth the update and are a big decision maker after the kitchen.  Any money that you pour into the bathroom remodel is almost always worth it.

Some easy low cost updates include:

  • Light fixtures can add brightness and instantly change the mood of any room.
  • Small things like new trim can do a lot to add details and elegance to a space.
  • Staging your home correctly can let people really see what it would be like to live there.
  • Refurbish any of your current furniture for a cheap update. DIY updates can do wonders for your remodel.  Even a coat of paint can make a big difference. Just make sure you are qualified enough for the job you are taking on!

Make sure you know what you are getting into.  Take a step back to look at all of the costs and what actual value you will get out of your investment.  Do your research into possible hidden costs, building codes, and reliable contractors. If you do all of the proper prep work it will all be worth it in the end with your beautifully remodeled home.

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