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Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
Vinyl Siding Replacement

Home with replacement vinyl siding.

If you’ve ever seen a house that had a lot of unsightly seams, then you know that there’s a downside to purchasing certain types of vinyl siding. Still, many people are choosing to replace their existing siding with vinyl, and it does have many distinct advantages that every homeowner should be aware of. Here are just a few.



Vinyl Siding is Maintenance Free

Unlike other popular types of siding such as plywood, vinyl siding never needs to be painted. It also resists termites, which in some parts of the country can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repair bills. If you don’t have the time or the money to devote to maintaining your home’s siding, then choosing vinyl can save you a lot of headaches.

Vinyl Siding Can Be Energy Efficient

According to its critics, one of vinyl’s biggest drawbacks is that it doesn’t provide any insulation. While this is true of non-insulated vinyl, you can now purchase vinyl siding that is backed with foam insulation. While some types of wood siding also provide homes with an extra layer of insulation, the energy savings are offset by the cost of upkeep.

Vinyl Siding Can Have Great Curb Appeal

As with any product, if you buy the cheapest version of vinyl siding, or if it’s improperly installed, then it won’t look as good as you want it to. Luckily, there are brands of vinyl siding that are designed with this problem in mind. If you don’t want visible seams, then you don’t have to have them. It’s up to you.

Vinyl Siding is Inexpensive

Besides its initial cost, when you add up the savings from lower energy bills and not having to paint or repair termite damage, then you’ll see why vinyl siding is the best available option. There’s really nothing like it. Let’s take a look at a before and after of an older home with replacement vinyl siding..

Photo of older home before vinyl siding installation.

Photo with replacement vinyl siding installed.

See the difference??

If your home’s siding is not what it used to be, then replacing it with vinyl is a great way to save money and keep your house looking good for decades.

Why not look into vinyl siding today?