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Window Decals for Visibility and Decoration

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Windows can bring a lot of cheerful sunshine into your home. However, a perfectly clear pane of glass can sometimes be a “pain”. If you’ve ever had a child run into a sliding glass door or a bird fly into a window, you know this all too well. Fortunately, there are solutions that are both attractive and practical.

Celtic Window Decal

Celtic Window Decal

Frosted vinyl decals are available in sizes for every window and glass door. These can feature palm trees, lighthouses, frolicking dolphins, or other pleasant images. You can place decals on just the borders/corners or choose a large design for the center of the glass for greatest visibility. For kid’s rooms, decorative stickers that represent favorite cartoon characters or other interests may be appropriate.

Full color “stained glass” decals or intricately etched film can be applied in sheets if privacy is preferable to having a view. For best results, choose a product that is removable. That way, if you make a mistake during installation you can peel it off and start over.

If you want to maintain the clear appearance of your windows while keeping your feathered friends safe, consider bird decals. WindowAlert stickers are transparent to the human eye. However, they contain a substance that reflects UV light. Birds can see colors in the ultraviolet spectrum and will be able to avoid flying into the glass.

Window and Patio Door Security

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Windows and sliding glass patio doors on the first floor of a residence are among the most vulnerable home entry points. A determined thief can break the glass to get inside. However, most criminals don’t want to attract that much attention. There are many security strategies you can use to inconvenience, slow down, or call attention to a potential burglar.

Connect all windows and doors to a central alarm system. If a burglar decides to enter anyway, the time he has available to locate and carry out anything of value is greatly reduced. Place alarm company stickers on your windows as another disincentive.

Many standard patio door locking mechanisms are merely clasps. These simple contraptions can easily be forced with a screwdriver, pry bar, or even a butter knife. Simply placing a properly sized dowel rod or length of PVC pipe directly in the track of sliding patio door can discourage a would-be burglar. Removing the handles from casement windows is another quick fix

Install sturdier locking devices to serve as a backup. Track grips, pins, keyed sash locks and slide bolts, anti-sliding blocks/wedges, and specialty keyed locks are some of your available options. These are available at any home improvement store.

As a last resort, replace your windows with tempered or wired glass. Although this is an expensive solution, any attempt to break in through the glass will be extremely difficult and noisy. Burglar bars are another high-end solution.

French Doors vs. Sliding Doors

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

There are many different options that a homeowner might have for doors leading to the backyard or patio area. But there seems to be two that stand out to most, and it can be difficult decision for some. Many times the decision is made because of pricing issues. A set of French doors are going to be a little more costly than the traditional sliding doors. Both can give a great feel to your home really giving you an inviting atmosphere to your outdoor spaces.

French doors are commonly used in homes that are going for a certain style or era. These doors are a little more expensive than most, but they are usually worth the expense in the end. French doors are one of the most popular chooses for people that are remodeling their homes. One of the downsides to these doors is that they are somewhat difficult to install on your own.

Sliding glass doors is a great option for a homeowner who is looking for a door that will let in great natural light. These types of doors can really make the outdoors inviting because of the open view they can give you. They are also one of the least expensive options available. This option is great for homeowners that are on a tight budget.

Reasons Your Patio Doors Stick

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

A common problem for many homeowners is a door that will not open or close easily. Patio doors are notorious for this, especially sliding doors. It is easy for the doors to get stuck on the metal tracks. This can be a very frustrating problem for homeowners who use these doors often.

Sliding patio doors can be some of the most problem causing doors out there. Well, that is when it comes to this particular situation. Sliding patio doors are a nice addition for any back entrance to a home. The most common source of the problem is the tracks. The tracks can become very dirty causing the doors to not slide smoothly. If you have a lot of dirt down in there the door will become jammed. The dirt will not allow the rollers on the doors to move from side to side. If this is the case, remove the doors and clean out the tracks and you may want to add some lubricant. This will make them slide a little easier as well.

If you have followed the step above and the doors are still sticking your problem could be in the frame. If the frame is bent, the doors will not open and close correctly. A frame can be bent for several reasons such as during installation, foundation issues, or rotted wood around the frame. A bent frame from installation can be fixed by removing the frame and reshaping carefully. If you have wood rot around the frame, you should be able to remove the frame and doors to replace the wood. This should be fairly easy to do if you are somewhat handy. If your problem is related to foundation problems, you will need to consult a professional that specializes in foundation repair.

Patio Doors – Entry to the world

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

patio_doorFeeling the open air though you’re are actually inside the consoles of your place can be an highly restful experience, and you will be able to make this occur by installing sliding patio doors in your home. With vinyl patio doors, the awesome feel of the outside can be satisfying from in your abode.

This is really accommodating for hours when the climate doesn’t enable you to stay outside, or when perhaps you yourself are no longer able.

If you do have a large amount of space in your entry, French doorways are a thoughtful choice as you can actually swing them open as wide as you would like to let more of the outdoors into your home. French doorways can cost rather a lot but they do provide an extraordinarily sophisticated feel to your home. Sliding glass patio doors, on the other hand, don’t cost quite as much. And the energy saving from vinyl patio doors bring extra benefits. Homeowners with extra fresh tastes favor these types of patio doors.

Most sliding glass doorways are not just made from glass, frames tend to made of wood aluminum or vinyl. Whether you select to install French doorways or modern sliding doorways, there are tons of designs of terrace doorways to choose from. More often than not, sliding patio doors are much much easier for installation as they have recently been assembled at the manufacturing plant, and all you should do is get the proper dimensions and place them in the opening where you would like them installed. Once you install your terrace doorways, you may have access to your yard like you never have before.