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Energy Saving Tips For Your Roof

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Quality comp roofingHave you ever really given any thought to how your roof can save you energy? It can! With the increase of people becoming eco-friendly, we are all looking for ways and products that will help reduce carbon footprint in our world. Saving money is always everyone’s priority, but saving the environment has become a number two priority in most households today. Energy star appliances and hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular. Today, homeowners are looking at how they can save energy with the roof over their heads. This will help them be more eco-friendly and save a lot of money.

Choosing Your Roofing Material – The material you choose for your roof plays a big part in the cost of heating and cooling your home. If you have an asphalt roof, it tends to absorb and attract heat. The heat is then dispersed inside the home. In a multi-level home, this is not good because everyone knows that heat is going to rise. This means that the upstairs level of your home will always be warmer. If you are someone who does not like sleeping in a hot bedroom, you will have to leave a fan on or the air conditioner running to stay cool. During the hot summer months, your air conditioner and fans will be running hard to keep the house cool. If you live in a place that is normally hot all summer, an asphalt roof is not the best idea. A metal roof will deflect and disperse the heat, which will help reduce the cost of cooling.

Insulating Your Roof – Another great way to reduce costs is to insulate your roof. Roofs are not constructed in the same manner they were years ago. If you have recently purchased a new home and live in the suburbs, it is likely that the roof has the bare minimum insulation so that it just passes inspection. If you want to reduce costs, add more insulation to the roof. In the colder months of the year, the extra insulation will keep the heat inside the home and the cold air outside. You will be able to reduce the need for the furnace and heater running so often.

Adding Solar Panels – Another good way to reduce costs is by adding solar panels on the roof. Throughout the day, the solar panels will collect sunlight and change it over into energy. This will help power the house. Of course, the initial cost for installing solar panels might be high, but they will still save you money be reducing costs over the long run.

Knowing which material to use on your roof and how to insulate it better will keep the temperatures inside the home better regulated. By doing so, you will reduce energy costs.

Peter Wendt is an article writer residing in Austin, Texas. He is always finding ways to cut his costs of living down. Recently, he has moved into a ‘green’ phase. Peter would like to create a very green home for his family and has found great tips from these expert Austin roofing contractors on how to improve his roof and quality of living.

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Remodel

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Roofing in need of repair or replacing

Remodeling your home is always an expensive venture. Whether you are hoping to sell your home, or just need an update. A smart first choice is to always get your house appraised to see if the money you are spending on your home, you eventually will get back out of it. It can also sometimes be cheaper just to move to a newer home, instead of making the huge investment of a remodel. Consider all of your options before diving into a big investment!

The outside of your home can get the most wear and tear. You can start by replacing any missing shingles on your roof. Moss, mold, and other organic matter can also collect up there. Gutters also can be filled be debris, and need to be cleaned. Do not just pressure wash your roof and gutters! This can cause even more damage, and is an easy mistake to make.  A professional can do the job effectively and safely. Roofs that were properly installed within the last ten years should just need repairs and not a complete overhaul.

Extra things like pools and extensive outside additions can be great if you are enjoying them, but if you are concentrating on selling it is just not worth the investment.  It can also seem like a big maintenance demand on the new owner. Cleaning and cost of upkeep can seem a little daunting. Often the only outside addition worth the investment is a deck addition to your home.

If you any pets washing your walls and repainting can do wonders for both the look and smell of your home.  Wallpaper can also absorb those musty smells, and if you are selling your home, is very based on personal preferences.  Plain colors that scream unlimited potential are the best choices.

Your floor can often get an easy face-lift. Older homes usually have hardwood floors hidden beneath that shaggy carpet. Once the carpet is removed the floors can just be re-stained to revive their former beauty. Unfortunately if you are not so lucky, it can be one of the biggest expenses you will face.

The most wanted and most expensive room for improvement is the kitchen.  Appliances get outdated and stop working properly, cabinets become broken, and counter tops become overused.  If you buy new appliances you don’t need to spend a fortune on them. As long as they are “good enough” it won’t have a huge effect on the price of your home. Green materials and appliances is a fad that will not go away and stay relevant for years to come.  Cabinets can be re-stained and repaired for minor costs, while keeping the originals. Counter tops can also be laminated again. Bathrooms are definitely worth the update and are a big decision maker after the kitchen.  Any money that you pour into the bathroom remodel is almost always worth it.

Some easy low cost updates include:

  • Light fixtures can add brightness and instantly change the mood of any room.
  • Small things like new trim can do a lot to add details and elegance to a space.
  • Staging your home correctly can let people really see what it would be like to live there.
  • Refurbish any of your current furniture for a cheap update. DIY updates can do wonders for your remodel.  Even a coat of paint can make a big difference. Just make sure you are qualified enough for the job you are taking on!

Make sure you know what you are getting into.  Take a step back to look at all of the costs and what actual value you will get out of your investment.  Do your research into possible hidden costs, building codes, and reliable contractors. If you do all of the proper prep work it will all be worth it in the end with your beautifully remodeled home.

This post was provided by Fortified Roofing, provider of roofing services in Cherry Hill, Voorhees and Marlton, NJ at: Fortified Roofing

Add Sophistication and Curb Appeal to your Home

Monday, July 16th, 2012
Beautiful home with great appeal

Beautiful home with great appeal

Curb appeal refers to the amount of “wow” factor your home has when observed from the street curb.  It is a sum of a number of elements that, when combined, create a pleasing impact.

Having good curb appeal means there are things about your home that make it stand out from the rest.  Of course, its appeal varies depending on the taste of the onlooker.  Some love quaint Victorian style homes with gingerbread trim, while others prefer the sleek, no fuss lines of a modern home.  No matter your home’s style, if the upgrades you make stay in line with its character, the result will be a “put together” pleasing look.

Whether you’re interested in boosting your home’s curb appeal for your own enjoyment, or to add to its resale value, you’ll want to consider a number of areas such as those outlined below:

Facade:  The façade is the exterior of your home as viewed from the front or sides.  Updating the façade may be as simple as changing the hardware on the doors, updating the house numbers, and replacing the mailbox.  To take things a step further, you can repaint surfaces in modern tones, add architectural details, or have your home completely refaced in siding or stucco. Lightweight natural looking stone or brick veneer products at a touch of elegance, and can be installed directly on existing walls.

Worn or ill suited doors might be a blemish on an otherwise wonderful home. Stylish windows and doors, sometimes with shutters or canopies, significantly add class to a home’s exterior.  Change their appearance with a coat of paint, or entirely replace the door upgrading your existing door with a similar one with a lead glass inserts, or consider “Garden”, “French-style”, “Old World”, or “Iron” doors for added sophistication.  Garage doors vary from interesting “Carriage” or “Craftsman” styles-but, keep your changes and colours fairly in line with the other homes in your community for continuity.

Roofing:  Roofing products vary from asphalt and fibreglass shingles, to rubber-based, clay or cedar shakes.  Each can give your home a unique look.  Bear in mind, however, if you live in a subdivision where homes are close together, it may be wise to stay with a roof style that fits in with the other homes.  You don’t want to draw attention in the wrong way.

Landscaping:  A lush green, weed-free lawn is important for good curb appeal.  Bring a bare or weedy lawn up a level or two with the attention of a trained lawn care professional, followed by regular upkeep.

If your property has areas where water ponds or if it has awkward slopes, consider terracing it with retaining walls of natural stone or timber, with adequate drainage behind them.  Retaining walls can help define areas and add interesting curves and textures to your outdoor space.

Create the footprint of your garden with greenery that looks attractive in all seasons.  Include evergreens and a mixture of deciduous trees and shrubs as foundation plants.  Create interest by varying leaf colours.  Pay attention to what colours the leaves will turn in the fall for even more drama.

Instead of planting in straight rows, plant by following the curved lines of your home. Then, add attention-drawing flowers to the beds or to pots to dress up your yard.

Front Entrance:  You may want to completely redo an existing front porch or change the approach path to the home for practical reasons, or to draw the eye towards the front entrance.  Making your front entrance a focal point can detract attention away from a boxy garage that sticks out.  You may want to add an interesting seating area, creating an inviting visiting area.  Add contemporary or wicker furniture, and surround it with attractive plants.

Driveway: The driveway is often the first thing a person sees when approaching your house.  If it’s cracked and crumbling, it can create an eyesore.  Fill the cracks, or if it’s in the budget, consider repaving it.  You may also consider replacing your driveway with classy concrete pavers or stamped concrete.  Using flagstone for walkways or stairs is an excellent choice for most settings.

Unique Additions:  Unique elements such as attractive latticed fence details, ivy covered trellises, waterfalls, or winding paths lined with landscape lighting, attract attention, making your home more memorable.  Don’t go overboard, however.  Keep extra touches in proportion to your property size.

When boosting your curb appeal, it’s always helpful to get the input of trained professionals, or to hire outside help to create the curb appeal you dream of.  No matter what you choose to do, a good rule of thumb is this: keep it neat, keep it simple and take care of it.  Follow those rules, and you’ll be on your way.

Top 5 Home Improvements You Can Do This Summer

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Well, sure, summer is all about relaxing vacations and fun days spent at the beach. However, summer is also a great time to get some work done around the house as well. And, since you can improve the interior of your home regardless of the season or weather outside, summer is the best time to deal with the exterior renovations.

At this point, you might be thinking: “Gosh! I only have just a few days off the office and you want me to work!”, but I would like to tell you that exterior home improvements do not necessarily have to be large and boring projects. In fact, in the following guide, I made sure to include some fun home renovations, which you can benefit from for the rest of the summer.

1. Get a swimming pool

Let’s face it, there is nothing like the scorching heat of the summer to remind us about the advantages of owning a swimming pool. Granted, the increase of property value won’t determine you to engage in such a project unless you are planning to sell the house. On the other hand, nothing motivates you more than the thought of taking a dip in this warm weather.

But, won’t this cost you a fortune and take weeks to build? No, it won’t, if you decide to purchase an above ground swimming pool. And, did I mention that the latest design, styles and quality of the above ground make them a good-taste, fine decision for any backyard, regardless of how small they are? The bottom line is that you cannot ask for a more rewarding summer home improvement project than this.

2. Barbeque grills

No summer is complete without at least one barbeque session! Irrespective of what you put on the grill – corn, burgers, steaks, tofu, sausages or whatever else you have in mind – it will taste better. Besides, it only takes an open flame to feel that it’s summer time. Now, I’m not saying that the barbeque grills you find at the local stores are not good, but a permanent grill surely adds to the flavor and taste. In addition, a permanent one considerably simplifies your grilling sessions (especially if you intend to have barbeques on a constant basis) and it is also cheaper in the long run, resource wise.

3. Patios and decks

If you decide to build a permanent barbeque grill or get a swimming pool, then it is very likely that you want to hold outdoor parties as well. And, since you want to enjoy that time with close friends or neighbors rather than worry about people stepping on your lawn, a suggestion is to consider a new patio or deck. Even though it sound complicated and may appear to imply a lot of effort and money, in reality this project is not only fairly simple, but it does not take expert building skills, effort or that much time. If you already have a swimming pool or a permanent barbeque, wouldn’t it be a shame not to complement it with a beautiful patio or deck?

4. Siding and paint

I know I told you the summer home improvement ideas in this top will not imply large projects. On the other hand, summer is the best time of the year to freshen up the exterior with a new coat of paint or fashionable vinyl siding. The limited amount of rain during summer and the warm weather outside both ensure the perfect settings for the fresh paint to dry properly and evenly.

5. Shingles, roofing and gutters

I will not deny the fact that this is the sweatiest of the home improvement projects. Nonetheless, summer is also the best time to tend to the most abused part of your home: the roof. Heavy snow in winter as well as the whipping winds and rain of early spring and autumn all wreak havoc on your gutters and roof. Since summer is synonymous with fine weather, it is the ideal time to check for damage and perform the necessary repairs until they escalate and start causing all sorts of problems to your home.

Hello, my name is Chad and I love writing about the home improvement topic in general and my favorite store has to be Superior Stone and Cabinet!

Facts About Tile Roofing

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

tile roofingMany homeowners are hesitant to consider a tile roof because of misconceptions about this material. However, this is actually the most popular roofing material across the globe. Here are some facts from the Tile Roofing Institute that deliver the straight scoop.

Weight Not Usually a Problem

Clay and concrete tiles are heavier than many other types of shingles. It’s a feature – not a bug. The weight of the roof material is a key factor in its stability and strength. This is especially important for areas where ice buildup is common. Most modern homes are able to support a tile roof. For houses that can’t handle traditional tile, lightweight varieties are available.

Resistance to Extreme Weather Events

When properly installed, air penetrates through the tile layer – reducing stress on the roof. At the same time, tile sheds water very well. Because of these characteristics, tile holds up better than asphalt shingles to tornadoes, hurricane force winds/rain, and hail storms. These weather resistant features have been lab tested with wind tunnels and ice cannons. Tile is also the only roofing material that has been tested for its ability to withstand earthquake activity. Class A fire resistance is another attractive benefit of tile.

Minimal Maintenance

Maintenance is required, but generally restricted to areas such as the gutters and flashing. Because of the modularity of tile roofing installation, damaged tiles can be replaced individually. Warranties on this material are generally 50 years (or longer). The color of the tile may fade a little over time, but the process is very gradual since the pigment is usually incorporated into the material itself.