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Hanging Wooden Shades in Bay Windows

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

If you add bay windows to your house, it can make the house feel brighter and more spacious. It will also add a touch of elegance to the home. Wooden shades in a bay windows are necessary to provide shade from sun rays and they also add a little privacy from the outside.


You need to measure the bay windows before you buy any type of wooden shades to make sure that the size is correct. First measure the width of each of the window panes because some bay window panes are different sizes. Now measure the length of one of the window panes, the length of the window panes should be the same for each of them. You will need to add 2 inches to this measurement for the depth of the shades.


When you hang them, measure 2 inches above the ceiling corners of one of the window panes and mark with a pencil. Next you will need to take the bracket and line it up with these marks. Now use a drill to lightly screw in the bracket. Keep doing this step with the other bay window panes. When you have finished with all the brackets and they have been lightly attached to the wall, use a screwdriver or drill to fasten them securely into place. When all the brackets are secured, the wooden shades can be attached to the brackets.