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Top 5 Home Improvements You Can Do This Summer

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Well, sure, summer is all about relaxing vacations and fun days spent at the beach. However, summer is also a great time to get some work done around the house as well. And, since you can improve the interior of your home regardless of the season or weather outside, summer is the best time to deal with the exterior renovations.

At this point, you might be thinking: “Gosh! I only have just a few days off the office and you want me to work!”, but I would like to tell you that exterior home improvements do not necessarily have to be large and boring projects. In fact, in the following guide, I made sure to include some fun home renovations, which you can benefit from for the rest of the summer.

1. Get a swimming pool

Let’s face it, there is nothing like the scorching heat of the summer to remind us about the advantages of owning a swimming pool. Granted, the increase of property value won’t determine you to engage in such a project unless you are planning to sell the house. On the other hand, nothing motivates you more than the thought of taking a dip in this warm weather.

But, won’t this cost you a fortune and take weeks to build? No, it won’t, if you decide to purchase an above ground swimming pool. And, did I mention that the latest design, styles and quality of the above ground make them a good-taste, fine decision for any backyard, regardless of how small they are? The bottom line is that you cannot ask for a more rewarding summer home improvement project than this.

2. Barbeque grills

No summer is complete without at least one barbeque session! Irrespective of what you put on the grill – corn, burgers, steaks, tofu, sausages or whatever else you have in mind – it will taste better. Besides, it only takes an open flame to feel that it’s summer time. Now, I’m not saying that the barbeque grills you find at the local stores are not good, but a permanent grill surely adds to the flavor and taste. In addition, a permanent one considerably simplifies your grilling sessions (especially if you intend to have barbeques on a constant basis) and it is also cheaper in the long run, resource wise.

3. Patios and decks

If you decide to build a permanent barbeque grill or get a swimming pool, then it is very likely that you want to hold outdoor parties as well. And, since you want to enjoy that time with close friends or neighbors rather than worry about people stepping on your lawn, a suggestion is to consider a new patio or deck. Even though it sound complicated and may appear to imply a lot of effort and money, in reality this project is not only fairly simple, but it does not take expert building skills, effort or that much time. If you already have a swimming pool or a permanent barbeque, wouldn’t it be a shame not to complement it with a beautiful patio or deck?

4. Siding and paint

I know I told you the summer home improvement ideas in this top will not imply large projects. On the other hand, summer is the best time of the year to freshen up the exterior with a new coat of paint or fashionable vinyl siding. The limited amount of rain during summer and the warm weather outside both ensure the perfect settings for the fresh paint to dry properly and evenly.

5. Shingles, roofing and gutters

I will not deny the fact that this is the sweatiest of the home improvement projects. Nonetheless, summer is also the best time to tend to the most abused part of your home: the roof. Heavy snow in winter as well as the whipping winds and rain of early spring and autumn all wreak havoc on your gutters and roof. Since summer is synonymous with fine weather, it is the ideal time to check for damage and perform the necessary repairs until they escalate and start causing all sorts of problems to your home.

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