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Vinyl Windows: My Only Choice

Monday, January 12th, 2009

While I don’t fancy myself a full-fledged expert in home repair and DIY, I do know quite a few things from working around my own house.  As such, I have strong opinions on various areas of home improvement and one of those include the innate advantages of vinyl windows.

Any time I’m asked what kind of replacement windows to seriously consider for people’s home renovations, I always tell them to get vinyl.   The biggest objection has always been that it’s not as pretty as wood.  While that is an undeniable fact, it also doesn’t entail the same maintenance requirements as wooden frames.  Sure, you won’t get visitors extolling the aesthetics of your window frames.  However, you’ll never get anyone saying its bad either.  Vinyl windows, while not exquisitely beautiful, fit most homes and are hardly an eyesore.

Originally scoffed at due to suspect quality when they first arrived in the market, most vinyl windows currently sold are highly durable.  Additionally, they never need painting, staining or sealing – that alone is reason for me to get them.  While wood is pretty, you’ll need to work your ass off to keep it that way.  Vinyl windows are also consistently cheaper among all window manufacturers than their wooden counterparts, apart from typically faster turnaround times when you order.

While I love a pretty home, I have to go with practicality when it comes to window replacements.  For that reason, vinyl windows are hands-down my only choice.