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Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacement

Cabinet Refacing

When you are thinking about remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, you have two options, refacing your cabinets or replacing them all together. Refacing your cabinets is the least expensive way to go, this will consist of new looking kitchen cabinets without actually replacing the whole unit, it can be done anywhere you have cabinets. Refacing is fast and affordable and affords you the opportunity to get the new stylish look you love. The other option is to replace your old cabinets with all new ones, this option is more expensive but this will be a total package with all new hardware. This will give you a new look and the drawers and doors that will operate smoothly and close tight.

When refacing your cabinets one of the easiest things you can do and is very simple, just replace the hardware on your cabinets; hardware includes the knobs handles and pullers that you use to open your cabinets. This is a simple way to give your cabinets a new look, with very little effort.

The next option is to paint, stain or paper your existing cabinets; this would allow you to update your old cabinets with any color you wish. This is relatively easy and inexpensive, you could combine this with new hardware and you will have a whole new look.

You can also replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts; you would do this by having the old doors and drawers taken out and replacing them with new ones this will require a lot of work and depending on the condition of your cabinets you might just want to go with replacing the cabinets altogether.

New cabinets might cost more than refacing but there are a lot of new styles and finishes out on the market today that can give the room you are upgrading a whole new look, another reason to go new is to up-grade the materials used. Remodeling your cabinets is a worthwhile investment and will give you the look you want for your home, which ever way you go new or refacing, your cabinet contractor will be a great resource for you in helping you to choose colors, styles, materials and they will be able to help you get the look you want that will fit into your budget.

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