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A Beauty in Cast Iron

Cast Iron Bathtubs

Depending on your needs during your bathroom remodeling project, you might want to seek out a bathtub made of cast iron for an upscale look to your bathroom. Usually enamel-coated, cast iron fixtures of any kind give an elegant, timeless look to most bathrooms and can be an enviable focus to even some of the most lavish bathrooms. Bathtubs made of cast iron can be the piece de resistance for the work of art that can be a tasteful, timeless addition to any home.

The manufacturers make these bathtubs by "casting" iron, which means they pour the molten liquid iron into a mold which, as the metal hardens, gives these tubs their shape. Because these bathtubs are pure iron and very thick, cast iron tubs are very durable, and last much longer than other types of bathtubs. Cast irons are fire polished to make them smooth, comfortable and beautiful. The fire polishing gives these bathtubs their vivid color and high gloss finish.

Because of the nature of the materials, cast iron bathtubs hold the heat of the water in the metal itself, which then reciprocates the heat back into the water. This allows cast iron tubs to keep the water warm for a longer period of time than conventional bathtubs.

Before installing your cast iron bathtub, you should remember that cast iron tubs are very heavy and during your bathroom remodeling project, you may need to reinforce the floor underneath to hold its massive weight. No one wants a bathtub to fall through and land in the kitchen.

Also, be aware that cast iron bathtubs are one of the most expensive tubs out there, so be ready to spend some money for the quality and elegance that cast iron bathtubs have to offer. Discuss the options with your bathroom contractor and choose the bathtub that will meet your needs and budget.

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