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Claw Foot Bathtubs

One of the most classic styles of bathtub you might find will be that of the Claw Foot tub. These usually stand alone, and are preferred among women who habitually take baths as opposed to showers.

The timeless elegance of a Claw Foot tub graces many-a-bathroom, and many consider having one a sign of good taste and elegance. Claw foot bathtubs are usually made of cast iron. However, many manufacturers now fabricate this timeless style with acrylic or porcelain.

True antique claw foot tubs are collected, restored, and even coveted to be the prize centerpiece of their bathrooms.

When working with your bathroom remodeling contractor, be aware of the different types of claw foot bathtubs so you can find exactly the one you want:

  1. Slipper tubs - In a slipper tub, one end is raised to allow the bather to lounge comfortably in the bathtub.
  2. Classic Roll Rim, Roll Top, or Flat Rim tubs - This feature allows for a smooth curved edge to allow the bathers to move in and out of the tub freely without worrying that something might catch onto the edge.
  3. Double Ended Tubs - Double ended claw foot bathtubs allow for two people to bathe simultaneously with the faucet in the center, allowing both bathers to move freely without worrying about hitting his or her head on the faucet.
  4. Double Slipper Tubs - where both ends are raised and sloped.

When considering a claw foot bathtub for you remodel, remember that these tubs do not work well as a base for a shower, since they are free standing and to not have a base mounted to the floor. The shower would be an attachment to the faucet itself and would require special mounting for a shower curtain. Many choose to install a separate shower in their remodeled bathrooms.

Be sure to contact your bathroom contractor to see if a claw foot tub is within your grasp.

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