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When you are embarking on the journey to purchasing new counter tops, there are numerous things to consider when choosing the type of counter top style that is right for you. Choosing the right color, material and look that fits your lifestyle will payoff in the long run and this will make you happy with your decision of investing in new counter tops.

The first thing you will need to consider is where the counter tops are going to be installed, such as the kitchen, bathroom or maybe a utility room. The materials you choose depend of the location and how the counters will be used, as well as your budget, the look you want and the durability of the material.

Some of these materials available for counter tops include:

  • Marble - this material is a natural stone and is one of the oldest building materials used and can be most expensive. Marble has a beautiful upscale look that is very durable and is not affected by heat; some periodic maintenance is required but will last a lifetime.
  • Granite - This material will be one of the most expensive counter tops you can install. Granite is mined out of the ground and is a beautiful polished stone, this is very durable and will hold up to heat and will take a lot of wear and tear, while giving you that upscale look. Granite comes in a wide variety of earth tone colors.
  • Engineered Stone - This material is made up of Quartz crystals. This material is also expensive but is very durable, scratch resistant and can also hold up to heat well. Engineered stone comes in more color choices than granite and you will have less maintenance.
  • Solid Surfaces - These materials will give you the most color choices and are less expensive than the materials listed above. They are easy to clean but will stain with heat. This is a very popular material used in low to mid range homes
  • Butcher Block - this is solid pieces of wood glued together and sanded to a smooth surface. This counter top I useful for cutting and holds up well to heat. It is good for kitchen islands.
  • Ceramic Tile - This material has a great look and is relatively inexpensive. Tile holds up to heat well and comes in a limitless array of colors, styles and patterns. Let creativity run wild.
  • Laminate - This is one of the most affordable types of counter top on the market because it is made from a composite of materials, usually with a durable surface that can have a huge variety of colors and looks. For most home builders, laminate counters come "standard" and all of the other materials mentioned above are considered "upgrades".

Just remember when you are thinking about counter top styles, your contractor can help you with choosing the right style that will fit your needs and your finances.

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