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Galvanized Steel Bathtubs Get Better With Age...

Galvanized Steel Bathtubs

During your bathroom remodeling ventures, you may come across a unique feature - galvanized steel bathtubs. When bathtubs first started becoming what we know them as today, they were all made of galvanized steel. But recently, these tubs have become more of a novelty item, adding flair to any bathroom remodeling project.

You've seen the old westerns, were the hero is cleaning the dust off in a big galvanized steel bathtub. However, in homes with a strictly antique design, a galvanized tub can serve an aesthetic and useful purpose and can be fitted for modern plumbing.

Galvanized Steel Bathtubs The galvanization of the metal protects the steel from corrosion - specifically from rust. Galvanized steel is cheap, easy to install, and requires little to no maintenance. Many new designers have taken to using galvanized steel for bathtubs to create uniquely shaped, crisp, contemporary looks that is easy to clean and keep up.

If you are considering one of these for your bathroom, keep in mind that the metal does not hold heat very well. Contact your bathroom contractor if you want to learn more about how to capitalize on the old vintage charm, or the modern day minimalist feel.

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