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Maintenance is the best way for you to protect your most prized investment, your family home. One job people tend to forget is cleaning their rain gutters. When gutters become clogged, the resulting damage can run into the thousands of dollars.

Gutters are designed to run the rainwater away from the homes foundation. When gutters become clogged and overflow, the water can cause foundation damage, wood rot, black mold, basement leaks, shingle and roof damage. Cleaning rain gutters can be made much easier if you have a gutter protection system in place.

Protection systems will allow you to clean your gutters less often. There are several gutter protection systems available on the market, some of these are; gutter covers, screens, gutter helmets, toppers and even some unique systems that fit into your gutters and block debris from entering while at the same time, filtering out the excess rain water.

Screens are the oldest form of protection, they have been used since the 1900ís and work well, but do allow quite a bit of debris through the screens and can themselves get clogged up with twigs and leaves. Also, leaves tend to collect on top of the screens rendering them ineffective.

Gutter covers and toppers are good protection and there are several styles from which to choose and come in several different configurations. Even with a protection system in place, you will still eventually need to clean your gutters. This is usually done by hand. Gutter cleaning by hand takes time and can be dangerous if you have very high gutters. A safer alternative is to use pressure washers that will spray out debris and allow the water to flow freely through the gutter. This is a bit quicker than cleaning by hand, if you have the equipment. The easiest way is to use a gutter cleaning contractor that will do the job for you. This will cost more but it can be the best option for your lifestyle.

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