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Bathroom Design for the Handicapped

Handicap Accessible Bathroom

When your home improvement project includes making a bathroom that is accessible for a person with a disability, there can be several options from which to choose. These decisions will depend on the mobility of the person and their specific physical needs. You might have an elderly person that is weak or one that no longer sees as well. You also might be making accommodations for someone who is wheelchair bound. As you can see, the upgrades can vary greatly, from a night light and hand rails to widening the doorway and beyond for wheelchair use.

Making a bathroom that fits a wheelchair will be a big job. Regulations require that there be sixty inches of floor space for a wheel chair to spin around. Also, the counter tops, toilet and grab rails need to be low enough for a person sitting in a chair to reach easily. The lighting needs to be bright and easy to operate; they should also have dimmer switches for people who cannot tolerate bright lights and should be placed low enough for easy access.

Bathtubs and showers need to be accessed with ease, either by the use of grab handles or have full openings for wheelchair access. Manufacturers have constructed bathtubs tubs have doors that open on the side thus allowing a person to walk into it without having to lift their legs over a ledge. These tubs have built in seats and fill up like a standard bathtub. Alternatives include shower benches and shower heads with handles for easy access and use.

The floor needs to be non slippery, tiles or vinyl is not recommended unless it has a rough surface. Carpeting is ok if you can roll a wheel chair over it, and it is protected from water damage.

Your bathroom contractor can help you make the right decisions on your bathroom designed for the handicapped. They will be able to help with design, accessories, styles colors and budget. Bathroom contractors will be your best resource for this job.

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