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High Tech Bathroom Design

High Tech Bathroom

Welcome to the twenty first century, it's hard to believe that not too long ago, going to the bathroom meant taking a trip to the outhouse or a water closet. That's right, you would use the bathroom because you had to, and you would do what you needed to do as quickly as possible, get it done and over with, then get out. This is not the case for today's bathrooms. It seems that technology and electronics have at last found there way into the privacy of your own bathroom. For today's home remodeling projects, there is a multitude of choices for modern bathroom toys.

Imagine the luxury of watching the morning news or checking the day's weather forecast while at the same time showering and shaving. Many bathrooms are being remodeled with cable access, flat-panel LCD or plasma screen TV's hung on the wall or even appearing directly in the mirror itself. These technologies can also be adapted to display your computer screen, or the internet, giving you up to the minute information, your daily schedule, or your favorite sport scores.

But it doesn't end there. Singing in the shower has a whole new meaning with current technology that makes it possible to listen to your favorite music with water proof surround sound stereo an speakers that you can control with a remote. Or how about doing business why doing your business? Wireless internet can be available through a computer terminal while sitting on the commode.

High tech also extends to the comforts of the bathroom. Your home computer can be set to regulate everything in the house, including bathroom temperature through special floor heating elements, water temperature (including instant hot-water capability) and water pressure, lighting and more. Sensors and monitors can keep your comfort a maximum, your need to worry about it at a minimum and even alert you to potential problems.

Electronics in the bathroom are becoming the new mania and with the right planning you can have the bathroom with all the options. Your qualified bathroom contractor can help you design a bathroom that you want, one that will fit into your budget and have all the amenities you want.

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