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In Home Sauna

When thinking of a "hot" home improvement project, you might want to think about an in home sauna. At first thought, a home sauna may seem like a rather frivolous amenity, however, there are actually some health benefits to this addition. A sauna can help you stay healthy by increasing your circulation and metabolism, relieve every day aches and pains, help you relax and get a good nights sleep. Saunas are also good for your skin by opening and cleaning out your pores.

A sauna and a steam room are similar in idea, but have different designs and capabilities. Saunas can be purchased as a small one piece unit or be assembled or built into your home. The interior of a sauna usually has a wood interior with built in benches. The head comes from a heating unit on the floor (electric or wood burning) or some kind of infrared heat lamps. Finnish and Swedish saunas have lava rocks on top of the heat source, where water is splashed, causing the humidity in the room to increase. The system should always be on a timer, just in case you fall asleep while basking in the heat.

A steam room is usually built not with wood interiors, but with tile. The steam is created in a separate water boiler and injected into the room.

Saunas come in several different styles. The style you choose will depend on the space you have and your budget. They range from portables, to kits all the way to built-in's. There are several manufacturers of saunas so you will want to do your research on which manufacturer you will want to go with, they all have their own unique styles and special features.

You will also need to decide where you are going to put your sauna. The most popular places to put an indoor sauna are either in bathrooms or a basement, but they can be put anywhere you have ventilation or a proper electrical supply.

Purchasing and installing an in home sauna can be a big project and your qualified contractor will be able to make your purchase a smooth and easy process. Your sauna contractor will also be able to help you with styles, locations and budgets.

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