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Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Offer a World of Choices

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Are you thinking about an interior remodel but can't decide what to do? If you think about it, where do you spend most of your time with your family or guests? It's the kitchen right? You have a few guests over for dinner and most of the time everyone is gathered in the kitchen while you're making a meal or fixing drinks. For this reason, it is essential to have a beautiful, modern kitchen that you can show off! This can be done as easily as replacing your kitchen cabinets.

There are hundreds of different styles and materials to choose from when choosing new or discount kitchen cabinets; you will have a variety of colors and a wide range of prices, so new cabinets can fit into any budget. You can choose from replacing all the old cabinets with new ones or you can just reface the old ones; this will depend on how much money you want to spend.

The least expensive way to go would be kitchen cabinet refacing, meaning you refurbish your existing cabinets with new paint, stain and/or hardware. You can keep the existing doors and drawers, or replace those with new ones. This will refresh the look of your kitchen, but does not change the amount of space or design of the kitchen itself.

Kitchen CabietsThen next option is Ready to Assemble cabinets, which are cabinets that come from the factory in a kit and need to be assembled. They come in limited colors and styles, and use a lower grade building material, which means they are less durable than hardwood cabinets. These cabinets also come in standard sizes, so this may not be the best choice if you have a custom layout or unique architectural styles that require a custom fit.

The next step up will be Stock cabinets. These come in standard sizes, in low to mid range building materials and usually come with the hardware. These are the most commonly used cabinets and are the most reasonably priced fully assembled cabinets you will find. With stock cabinets, you will have a wider variety of colors, styles, and finishes to choose from.

If you need cabinets of a specific size or shape, you will want to look at Semi-custom or Built to Order cabinets. These are manufactured kitchens built in a factory that can be modified in a variety of sizes, colors, finished and styles. And finally if you want a fully customized kitchen you will need to go with Custom Built cabinets, these will be the most expensive, but provide the exact fit, style and functionality you need. You can use the highest quality building materials and the fanciest hardware and finishes.

There are quite a few decisions to make when designing the kitchen that fits your needs and budget, your kitchen cabinet contractor can help you with making these decisions while getting the look and feel you will be comfortable with. This is a great remodel to do and when you are finished you will be proud to show it off with some good food, family and friends.

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