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Stronger than your Average Porcelain...Bathtub

Porcelain Bathtubs

If you go into any random bathroom in America, chances are a porcelain bathtub adorns that room. Most new home builders will use these because they are inexpensive, strong, and very easy to clean. Whether it is the first tub installed in the home or the product of a remodel, porcelain on steel tubs are the hands-down favorite of homeowners everywhere.

These tubs are manufactured with stamped steel shells that have been heat fused with porcelain enamel to cover the steel shells. The steel shell gives it is strength while the porcelain enamel gives the tub its shiny, glassy look and its smooth texture. They are relatively lightweight, so if you desire large, deep baths, look into remodeling with porcelain.

Porcelain, because of its chemical makeup, naturally resists stains and bleaches caused by household chemicals of any strength even if the chemical can permanently scar other surfaces.

Porcelain is also corrosion resistant. Porcelain bathtubs will also not rust, or decay and is rarely affected by air, humidity, water, or other possibly corrosive materials.

Porcelain ceramic is also very difficult to scratch, cut, or otherwise deface these bathtubs, and the heat temper gives it another added measure of strength against abrasion. Porcelain is odorless, sterile, and very easy to clean with everyday household cleaners. When you take care of it, Porcelain tubs are antibacterial, hypo-allergenic and are a safe addition to homes that house people who value an allergen-free environment.

If this sounds like a viable addition to your remodeling list, do not hesitate to contact your local bathroom contractor for more information about styles and prices.

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