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Just Under the Skin: Siding Insulation

Fiber Glass Insulation

There are things on your home that you need but cannot see. These things save you money if properly installed, using the right materials. Insulation is one of these things, and when you are improving the exterior of your home with new siding, this will be the time to improve the siding insulation. There are several types of insulation and applications that are used.

Insulation is any material used to help keep heat or cooled air from either leaking in or escaping out of your home. Insulation is rated by what is call an R- factor. The higher the R- factor the better the insulation. Insulation is also used to help keep exterior noise out of your home so you can live in a quiet environment. Insulation can be made from different materials, plus, the siding material itself has insulating properties.

Fiberglass insulation is a popular choice for home owners. This type of insulation fits in-between the studs of the walls. This insulation also has different ratings and is a good choice if you have access to your interior wall studs.

Styrofoam insulation is used on walls that are already covered with side boards. This kind of insulation goes over the wood and just under the siding. This type of insulation comes in different thicknesses and can be installed at the same time as the siding.

If your siding is already in place, there is a spray-on insulation that can be injected into the all cavity. One type of spray-on insulation is actually made from recycled newspapers, where they are ground up to a fine pulp, and injected through a hole is drilled into the wall. Another type is liquid spray foam that is sprayed onto a wall surface, and as it dries, it expands like Styrofoam.

Using a qualified siding insulation contractor will insure you that you will get the right insulation for the climate you live in. Also, you will be able to have the job done correctly and in a timely manner.

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