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When you decide to put new siding on your home there are a lot of different things you should know. Siding is made from different materials such as: stone, brick, cedar shingles, wood clapboard, fiber cement, stucco, engineered wood, seamless steel, aluminum and vinyl. Anything you put on the side of your house to protect it from the elements and for decoration is considered siding, so there can be unlimited options. There are hundreds of colors and styles from which you can choose and all of the materials have different capabilities and benefits. Knowing what each one does will help in deciding which one is right for your home.

    Stacked Sandstone Siding
  • Stone - this is the most expensive of the siding materials; stone is the best protection against the weather and has an upscale look that will last a lifetime. A less expensive alternative to stone is stone veneers which look like stone but are manufactured and cost a lot less.
  • Brick - this siding is also expensive, brick comes in earth tone colors and is relatively maintenance free for about 25 years. If properly installed, brick has a great look and has excellent protection from the elements. Brick also comes in manufactured veneers that cost less.
  • Wood Products - natural wood is becoming more and more expensive but gives you that warm feeling that people like on their home. Wood products can be painted any color you wish and comes in different styles. One of the nicest looks is cedar siding, it has a light brown to yellow look that insulates well.
  • Fiber Cement - this material has a lower cost than wood products but still can have a similar look. Fiber Cement products are manufactured to look like many other siding materials, such as wood, brick or stone and have similar insulation and fire resistant properties. Fiber cement can be painted and lasts up to fifty years.
  • Stucco (a cement/water mixture that is sprayed onto the walls) - this building material has been around for centuries and is durable and water resistant. Synthetic stucco has the same look but may not be as durable as the real thing. Stucco can be mixed in different colors or can be painted.
  • Aluminum and Vinyl (formed pieces designed to fit on the outer wall of a structure)- these siding materials are some of the more affordable products on the market, they hold up relatively well to the elements and are easily installed. There are several manufacturers that make hundreds of styles and looks with Aluminum siding.

As you can see, each siding material has different qualities and price ranges. Your siding contractor will be able to help you with deciding which siding will fit your budget and get the look you that will delight you and your visitors for decades to come.

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