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Single- and Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Single Hung Windows

Home improvement is an ongoing investment when you own a home and there are a large number of home improvement projects you can do to improve the value of your home. One of the more popular home improvement choices is to upgrade your windows so as to save on rising energy costs. If you are thinking of replacing your windows, their's several types and styles of windows to choose from this article will focus on single and double hung replacement windows. Remember to always check with the Window Manufacturers and find rating and warranty information.

Single and double hung windows have been a traditional window in many homes for hundreds of years. You will recognize these windows by their design; they slide up and down vertically in their own frame, and some of these windows have counterbalances in the frame for ease of operation. The difference lies in how many panes of glass are movable. Single-hung windows have a single sliding window where double-hung widows allow both the upper and lower window panes to move independently. These windows can be easy to find and modern replacements have new features that will help with cleaning. This feature allows the windows to tip inward so you can clean both sides form inside your home.

Double Hung WindowsSingle and double hung replacement windows are manufactured in several types of materials and styles, the most popular being wood, aluminum and vinyl. You can get removable grill bars which you can switch out to change the look of the window, and will also give your home a new look. Also, by replacing your windows, it should improve the energy efficiency of your home. Although single and double hung replacement windows might not seal as well as casement windows, they will reduce drafts better than your worn-out older windows.

If your home has a traditional look with single or double hung windows and you are going to improve your home with window replacements, your window contractor will be able to help you from start to finish. They will be able to help you find the right style, size and look that will fit into your budget and install the new look you want while saving you money in the long run.

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