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Solariums, Greehouses, and Conservatories

Solarium, Greenhouse

Adding a solarium, conservatory or greenhouse will give its owner a calm place to unwind in a room that brings the outdoors, inside. These glass rooms built with standard building materials, match your decor and will give homeowners more living space, a relaxing area, and a place to escape the heat or cold of the outdoors while still letting owners enjoy the natural sunlight. Depending on what you will use the room for, choose between a solarium, a conservatory, or a greenhouse to suit your needs.

These glass structures form when you convert a patio built onto your home or build a self-standing glass structure. They usually ventilate with windows that open to the outside air or connect with your home's central air conditioning, depending on the application and its use.

Solariums, often called sunrooms, fit onto the home like a patio. They are typically furnished with comfortable furniture and have heat and air. Solariums allow for natural sunlight to emanate through the room without letting in the heat or the cold. Even if snow falls on the ground, you can watch the snow fall around you inside your temperature controlled sunroom.

Typically, Greenhouses stand separate from your home, but sometimes you can find them attached to the home. Specifically, greenhouses nurture plants and seedlings in a sunlight and climate-controlled area until they become sturdy enough to stand up to the elements, they grow plants and vegetables and typically don't have AC. Greenhouses will have a watering system and a large space to work. They usually have good ventilation with fans to improve circulation.

Conservatories fulfill the uses of both a solarium and a greenhouse. Typically, you attach a conservatory to the home, but sometimes, it works as a free-standing building. Conservatories may have a variety of types of plants growing in them like an indoor garden; they typically have some sort of watering system with a drainage system that will allow the water to feed your plants, but then drain away the excess water. They also double as a relaxation place for those who just want to spend some time in their indoor garden without going outside.

There are several manufacturers, styles and building materials for these types of structures and a qualified, licensed and bonded contractor will be your best recourse for planning what will best suit your needs and budget. So enjoy the sun with a solarium, greenhouse, or a conservatory.

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