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Blinds and Shades

When working on a home improvement or remodeling project, sunrooms are a great way to add space and value to your home. Because of the amount of windows providing the unique look of a sunroom, you will want to consider special blinds or shades to keep the room cool and comfortable.

When choosing the style of blinds or shades for your new sunroom, there are a few options you will have to consider. Some of these choices include the shape and size needed, the type of material you want used, and also the placement of the blinds or shades (indoor or outdoor). Blinds and shades can serve several different purposes, including, heating and cooling for the room and also for sound proofing.

Blinds and shades come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your window span. As you work with your sunroom contractor, you can determine if the shades can be purchased in stock sizes or they will need to be custom made to fit the room.

Blinds are made in horizontal or vertical style and are made from a very wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, or aluminum. Some brands include: Levolor, Graber and Smart Control. You also have the choice of cordless blinds, cellular shades and roman shades.

Next, you have to decide whether you want to place your blinds outside or inside. If you are going to place them outside, you may want to consider using rolling shutters. Rolling shutters are usually a vinyl or wood material. Rolling shutters use a series of slats that roll up into a housing for storage. Rolling shutters are operated by an electric motor, pull tapes, or a manual gear system and some even have remote controls or sensor systems so that the shutters raise and lower based on the amount of light.

Another thing to consider when selecting blinds or shutters for your sunroom is their heating and cooling aspect. Having blinds or shades in your sunroom is the perfect way to keep the temperature down in the summer by blocking out the sun's rays. In the winder, the extra material can act as an insulator, keeping the sunroom warm.

Shutters and blinds also provide soundproofing for the room. If you choose to use the outdoor rolling shutters, they can cut out as much as 1/2 of the outdoor sounds that would tend to bother you such as, trains, motorcycles, or noisy neighbors.

As you work with your sunroom contractor, make sure the shutters or blinds will meet your needs and your budget.

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