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A sunroom can be a very nice home improvement project, giving you more space and adding value to your home. Sunrooms are places to relax and enjoy the outdoors while remaining indoors and they can be added on to your home or converted from an existing patio or porch.

Sunrooms can be constructed out of various materials. You will want your sunroom to match the styling and look of your home, but give it the unique look of a sunroom and not just another room addition. This means that sunroom construction materials should be similar to your home's existing construction. The frame of the sunroom is typically made out of wood, but other materials can be used such as aluminum or steel. The roofing material should match the house, whether it was tiles, shingles, shakes or whatever you already have on the roof of your house. Or, you may choose a solarium-style, where the roof of the sunroom is actually an extension of the windows.

Some options you might want to consider is how many windows you want, this would reflect on how much light you want in the room. You will want to consider the type of windows you install, how they open and what type of insulating properties they have, such as low e glass, double paned windows and others that allow the light in, but insulate the room from excessive heat or cold. In more temperate climates, louvered glass could be used so as to easily open the windows and let the natural breeze in. The interior walls can be open to the frame work or you can have fully insulated walls with drywall or paneling. The floors can be anything from concrete to hard wood to wall to wall carpeting. The choices are almost endless; it's entirely up to you.

As you can see there are several decisions that you will need to make before constructing a sunroom, the room itself will be constructed like any addition to your home. A qualified sunroom contractor will be able to help you with each step of the process from the design phase to the finished project.

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