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Is there anything that brightens up a home, and lets you enjoy the outdoors year round, like a sunroom? People are choosing to add sunrooms to their homes more so now than ever. The addition of a sunroom allows natural sunlight to come into your home, regardless of the season. They are a perfect way to enjoy the scenery of your back yard, while avoiding the heat and bugs of the summer, the cold chill of the winter, the wet rain in the fall or the allergy season in spring.

There are many fabulous sunroom designs to choose from. In fact, the choices are such that you can find a room in almost any shape and dimension. Therefore, your new sunroom will easily fit into any space you choose, cleverly blending in with the rest of your home.

One of the most popular sunroom designs is the studio sunroom. People like this design because it easily adapts to complex or simple home styles, offering a natural extension to most existing roof designs. The studio is one open room, with a flat roof design.

Another favorite is the cathedral design. This style adds height and appeal to the sunroom, while offering a stunning vaulted ceiling for increased spacing and design features, such as front trapezoid transoms.

The California sunroom offers a unique design. With this sunroom, the roof is at an angle with one side peaking higher than the other side, thus allowing additional light to enter.

For all out exposure to the outdoors, the Solarium is the way to go. With the solarium, total sunlight is allowed in. The roof has curved eaves, and is totally transparent (windows on top), thus allowing for full sun as well as beautiful star filled night views.

When considering a sunroom for your remodeling project, choose the style that best matches your current home and roof design. Then choose how you wish to use your sunroom, since the use may indicate which style may fit best. For example, many use sunrooms as a family room, with couches and televisions. Others use them as an enclosure for a hot tub or pool table. Still others will use them as a studio with an art easel, or a comfortable chair for reading, or simply having a comfortable couch and soft music playing. Because this room is so full of light year round, it is the perfect place for live plants to thrive. Whatever your interests, the addition of a sunroom is one that will always be useful to any family situation. Work with an experienced sunroom contractor to help you make your decisions and construct your sunroom with expertise, giving your home years of outdoor comfort, indoors.

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