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Sunroom Heating and Air-conditioning

Some home improvement projects are necessary to make improvements. If you have a sunroom in your home, or if you are ready to install a sunroom, you will want to consider how you will heat and cool this new addition. Sunroom heating and air-conditioning allows you to enjoy this space all year around and in all weather conditions.

There are several options you can choose from when installing heating and air-conditioning to your sunroom. If the sunroom is, or will be attached to your house and you have a central heat and air system, you can tap directly into the existing system relatively easy. This can be done by bringing the ducting from the house into the sunroom. This will allow the temperature of the sunroom to be the same as the temperature of the house. You can install a separate thermostat and have a valve set to allow heat or cold to enter the sunroom at different rates that the rest of the house. You will need to make sure your system is powerful enough to accommodate the extra square footage of the sunroom and add additional duct fans to help the air blow into the room efficiently.

Central Air Conditioning If you want to have more direct control in the sunroom, or the room is detached from the house, you can add independent heating and or air conditioning units. For heating, you can add baseboard heat or radiant heating systems, run from electricity. An alternative way to cool your sunroom is to use a window mounted air conditioner. And with any choice, ceiling fans will help circulate the air and make any heating or air conditioning option work more efficiently.

A qualified heating and cooling contractor will be able to help you decide the most efficient way for you to add heat and air to your sunroom. So remember, adding sunroom heating and air-conditioning will allow you to enjoy this space all year long.

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