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The Color of Life: Vinyl Siding Colors

Colorful Painted Houses

Not too long ago, if you wanted vinyl siding for your house, you were limited to a small number of colors from which to choose. But with today's technology, there are as many vinyl siding colors as there are ways to use the colors.

Color can set the tone for your house, it can show power, excitement, calmness or any other mood you want to convey. If you have a large house in a country setting, you might want to have a bright yellow siding installed with white trim to make your house stand out against the greenery. Another popular choice for many country homes is the standard, clean cut, white house with black shutters. However, if you live in a beautiful colonial house, you may want to opt for more traditional colors that match the simple lines of that style of house. These colors can be purples or blues with bright trim. Another option would be a ranch style house in the suburbs where you could go with two shades of grey with some white or black trim.

Because roofs come in many colors and styles, and depending on the area, the climate, the age or style of the home, you'll want to be sure to pick a siding color that complements your current or new roof.

There are quite a few vinyl siding manufacturers to choose from, most of which have websites where you can explore a range of colors and ideas. There are hundreds of pictures available to find the right look for your home and the colors and shades of siding that will match. You will also want to work with a reputable contractor to help you with fitting colors and styles into your budget and ensure proper installation. They will be able to give you an estimate so that you can get an idea of the vinyl siding cost for your home.

With today's variety of colors, you can be as creative as you want when you decide to upgrade the look and feel of your house. So don't hold back, be yourself and make this simple change to give your house a new and exciting look.

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