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A Whirlpool of a Good Time

Whirlpool Bathtubs

One of the very latest trends in bathtub fashion is the installation of a Whirlpool or a Jacuzzi Tub in your remodeled bathroom. Popular among lovers of relaxation and rejuvenation, whirlpools are usually built to bathe at least two bathers at once, providing a unique experience like no other.

Just like its poolside cousin, a whirlpool bathtub features jets on all sides that gently massage the bather to give a sensual hydro massage. Some whirlpools tubs allow the bather to control and customize every aspect of the bath through variable-speed pumps.

Some whirlpools combine air jets and water jets. If a whirlpool has air jets, the power would be substantially less than the power from water jets. However, whirlpools that feature air jets will keep mildew and other possibly harmful things from accumulating inside your whirlpool tub.

Whirlpool Bathtubs These whirlpool bathtubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, so your tub can be as individual as you and your needs. You can put them pretty much anywhere and are available in recessed, corner, drop-in, and freestanding styles.

Be aware that whirlpool tubs are meant to be big and hold a large amount of water, so if you are considering installing one in your home, have your contractor place special framing, supports, possibly an additional water heater, and a dedicated electrical circuit, just in case.

Installing a whirlpool is not a light matter, so be sure to contact your bathroom contractor to make sure that a whirlpool is right for your home and lifestyle.

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