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When you're thinking about home improvement, there are many choices you need to make. One of the more important decisions is figuring out what you are going to improve and when. Window replacement is one option that can increase the value of your home while saving you money on energy bills. New windows will also beautify your home by giving it a fresh, modern look. Whether you're looking for a replacement window in Minnesota, or anywhere else in the country, there are different manufacturers that offer a variety of different styles, ranging from single and double hung, as well as sliding or casement windows just to name a few. Each window manufacturer offers windows in a variety of quality and price levels, ranging from expensive to cheap home replacement window selections. Some will specialize in using various kinds of materials to construct windows such as wood, vinyl and aluminum.

A reputable window replacement contractor will guide you through the process of choosing a replacement window and review window manufacturers who will provide you with the quality and style you're in the market for. A few of these manufacturers include:

  • Andersen Windows - one of the oldest and most well known window manufacturers founded around since 1903, Anderson Windows has an excellent reputation for quality and service. They make wood replacement windows and windows for new construction, have a wide variety of styles to choose from and their website has plenty of tools to help you gather information on their products that will give you some ideas for your home improvement project.
  • Pella Windows - manufacturing windows since 1925, Pella manufactures wood, vinyl and composite windows in all the popular styles and they back up their quality of their products. They have a good website that is easy to navigate and gather information about their product.
  • EFCO - This company manufacture's aluminum windows, they are big in the commercial market but they also make windows for residential applications.
  • West Coast Vinyl - Serving the Pacific Northwest for 30 years, this company specializes in custom make vinyl windows to meet every need.
  • Milgard Windows - Also Located in the Pacific Northwest, started in 1962 fabricating aluminum framed windows. In 1989 Milgard introduced their first vinyl framed window. In 1990 they began producing WoodClad a quality new line of fiberglass based windows.

There are hundreds of other window manufacturers out there with thousands of products to choose from. Do all of the options make selecting a replacement window in Atlanta or another major city seem like a daunting challenge? The best way to help you make decisions on your replacement windows home improvement is to contact your window contractor who will be able to help review your vinyl window options and choose the styles, materials and budget that will fit your needs.

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