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The Windows Say it All: Wood Replacement Windows

Wood Replacement Windows

Is there anything more noticeable on a home than beautiful windows? The type of window used on a house says a lot about the home itself and its homeowner. Many older homes, even historic homes, have wood windows. Naturally, if removing the old wood windows, you will want to retain the character, warmth and beauty of the home by replacing them with new wood replacement windows. Wood windows have been and are still considered the best replacement windows by many contractors as well as homeowners. This is because not only of wood's beauty, but also its strength and durability.

Wood windows have a natural appeal to many homeowners. They are considered to have a warm appearance and an elegant appeal. However, there is more to this window type than just its physical beauty. A window replacement contractor would tell you that they are also excellent energy savers, since wood is a natural insulator and seals in temperatures better than metal windows. The wood frames are fantastic at inhibiting the transmission of either the cold air, or the hot air from the outdoors. They are virtually unaffected by temperature extremes and produce higher R-values (energy conservation ratings) than their metal counterparts. In fact, if you used wood for a replacement window in Virginia and touched the frame of the wood window in the middle of the freezing winter, it would show no signs of the temperature outdoors.

Because of the beauty and quality of these windows, along with the lack of availability of the certain wood products, the prices are naturally more expensive than that of vinyl or aluminum windows.

Wood replacement windows are also a little more work than their cheaper vinyl counterpart. The main maintenance for these windows is that they need to be painted or stained and then sealed. This sealing will prevent warping, cracking and sticking. They also need to be re-sealed periodically, approximately every 5-7 years. Only the inside of the window needs to be painted, the outside of these windows have what is called, "exterior cladding." Therefore, the outside does not need to be painted if you prefer. Because these windows can be painted or stained, you can change the look of your rooms by giving the windows a new coat.

Wood Window manufacturers offer different options as far as types of wood, styles, treatments, etc... Your best bet is to contact a reputable window contractor to help you decide on the most practical windows for the style of your home, and keep you within your budget.

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